Rural Tech Project

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The U.S. Department of Education calls on educators to prepare your students for the careers of today and tomorrow: Use distance learning to bring competency-based technology education to your community.

U.S. high schools and local educational agencies serving rural communities are eligible to submit proposals. See the rules, terms, and conditions to confirm your eligibility.

The deadline for submissions is 5:59 PM EDT on October 8, 2020. Please submit at least one hour before the deadline to ensure your completed submission is received.

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Share some brief information about your organization, the students you serve, and your community.

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Program overview

Please share your vision for a new competency-based distance program for technology education, including who the program would serve and how it would be designed and delivered.

Career pathways

Share with us how your proposed program will provide your students with skills that will prepare them to advance in one or more in-demand career pathways.


Below we ask a series of questions about the approach, infrastructure, and resources you will need to implement and continue your proposed program in the 2021-2023 school years. These are the ingredients of a project plan. If your proposal is selected, you will refine this plan in the next challenge phase.

Stakeholder engagement

Schools have many stakeholders who can support project design and execution. Share with us how you will design and run your new program in collaboration with all of your community's key stakeholders.


We want to get to know your team. Share what unique expertise and skills your team members have, and how they plan to advance your proposed program.

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